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Specializing In All of Your Marine Construction Needs! 
Piers & Boat Houses

Every Boathouse and pier is custom built. We design a boat house to fit your need. Roof line, shingles, metal, and siding all your choice. Our boat houses are designed to fit your boat as well as accommodate a future boat. We strive to make your build unique. Built to maximize the covered square footage that is allowed by regulatory agencies. 

Boat Lifts

Having installed almost every lift available, We are a proud dealer of East Coast Boat lifts. With a lift to fit every boat and the ability to design a lift to fit any slip, we believe these are the best lifts on the market. We also offer maintenance to your existing lift.

Bulk Heads

Specializing in wooden and vinyl bulkheads, our walls are constructed to maintain and stop erosion from your shoreline. We design a bulkhead specifically for your property, water levels, and soil consistency. Every measure is taken to ensure the life of your bulkhead. With over 20 years of experience we believe in our design.

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